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2012-01-06 19:45:56 by pretty-chibi7


I've worked so hard on putting my flash together and everything, but my stupid computer won't let me do anything! It's like 10 years old and wasn't all that fast in the first place, but now i just can't take it!!! >:@

Whenever I try and use flash, it keeps freezing up every few minutes from me doing something like erasing something or using the select tool. >____<


What do you guys suggest I do? Deal with it? Or should i go on a strict "ramen noodle diet" and save up money to buy a new one? If so, what kind?

PLZ HELP!!! IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE!!!!! That's right, not crazy, but INSANE.

P.S. I'm so sorry to those of you that have contributed to my project, but I'm afraid that it will be on a slight delay...who am I kidding? Either way it'll take me a while to finish, so again, i apologize!

-___________________-'' * Sigh*, I'm so disappointing in myself right now...please forgive me. :(



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2012-01-06 20:38:20

Well, I checked out your last flash collab... 2.5 megs for a few seconds is a bit much. Compression, right off the bat. Also, use flash offline, then open the task manager and close, like, stuff you recognize as useless.
If it's a memory problem, go to the local recycling yard and, while no one's lookin, grab the memory chips out of the old computers, see if they fit. Touch the case before you fiddle around though; static discharges this time of year can damage stuff.
Hope this helps. There's no protein in ramen noodles; eat too many and your brain crashes.

pretty-chibi7 responds:

Alright, thanks! I'll definitely give it a try. ;)


2012-01-11 20:42:35

Still not working.......<:(


2012-05-29 22:00:24

I join your feelings, sister... I have the same problem, thats why i cant make a lot of songs (my pc´s from 2004 omfg!!!) Well someday ill buy another one so ill impress everyone with my skills, yeah its not sometimes your skill levels, it can be the pc!


2012-06-16 19:34:43

Go ahead and do the Ramen diet! They aren't that bad! :P


2012-08-23 14:58:28

If it makes you feel better I can't even make Art flash on my computer

Its so sad!


2012-08-28 17:15:42

so sorry the ramen noodle diet isn't too bad